Zhuangzi foods landed on nasdaq
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May 10 marks the third "China brand day" in China& 39;s history On April 24, 2017, the State Council offi
      May 10 marks the third "China brand day" in China's history. On April 24, 2017, the State Council officially approved the instructions of the National Development and Reform Commission and agreed to set May 10 as "China brand day" every year from 2017. China brand day is a day when the state encourages TV stations, radio stations, print and Internet media at all levels to promote their own brands in important time periods and on important pages to tell good stories about Chinese brands. This time, Inner Mongolia zhuangzi food co., ltd. landed on New York times square nasdaq large screen, intended to show the power of the Chinese brand to people around the world. 
      China brand day
      China brand day is the full expression of Chinese enterprises' transformation from product-oriented to brand-oriented and from made-in-china to made-in-china. On the one hand, a good brand can endow products with higher value, and professional management can make the brand go further. On the other hand, "manufacturing" is a simple processing industry, and "intelligent manufacturing" can shape the strong competitiveness of enterprises; "Manufacturing" stays in simple trade, while "intelligent manufacturing" can lead the course of international market. It is the only way for Inner Mongolia zhuangzi food co., LTD to strengthen the power of "Chinese brand".
Although China brand day has only been established for one year, it has achieved certain effects, which not only come from the high attention of the country, but also from the entrepreneurs' high awareness of brand publicity. Therefore, we have reason to believe that the future Chinese brand - zhuangzi, will be able to obtain a place in the fierce international competition.
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